John Adams ‘Things That Make You Beautiful’ Video Reflects Importance Of Beauty Within

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28 Feb2017
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Singer/Songwriter John Adams is coming back on the scene strong following his debut EP The Pavement Is My Stage (2013) with three new singles (“Dandelion Wishes,” “Things That Make You Beautiful,” and “See You Again”) and a powerful music video for one sharing his views on beauty.

The music visual for “Things That Make You Beautiful” opens with a quote from José Saramago’s novel Blindness that reads: “Inside us there is something that has no name, that something is what we are.” Produced by Lee House and featuring Georgia Jones dancing throughout the vid, Adams offers haunting vocals combining mixes of Sam Smith, James Blake, and James Blunt singing about his own views on what makes someone beautiful.

Adams said, “When I was writing this song I was planning my wedding, my wife to-be was starting to come to terms with the fact she was 30 this year and was worried that her looks ‘may fade’. When I started to think about the ‘Things That Make You Beautiful’ there wasn’t any mention of any visual appearance, and it was all characteristics that were ‘inside’ and ones that wouldn’t change over time. I tried to mirror this concept in the music video and try to question our first impressions that are always based on appearance.” The woman is the video is blind, further showing how true beauty should be a reflection of the things we can’t see,

Be on the look out for John Adams new EP releasing June/July of this year. Until then check out the music video for “Things That Make You Beautiful” below and pre-order the single (available March 17), along with “See You Again,” now where digital music is sold. Share your thoughts in the comments.

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Photo: Project Light Agency

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