Hollywood Tourists Crash The Oscars And It’s The Best Thing Ever

Photo: ABC
27 Feb2017
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Jimmy Kimmel had something special and very unforgettable lined up from some unsuspecting Hollywood tourists on Oscars night, Sunday, Feb. 26.

During a segment in the show, Kimmel scheduled for a Hollywood tour bus to make a stop by the Dolby Theater where the ceremony was being held live. The tourists on the bus were told they would be getting an inside look at the venue not knowing that the room would be packed with A-listers and they would be on live TV.

After the room yelled “Mahershala,” the name of lead actor in “Moonlight,” the tourists were completely shocked as they came face to face with some of the famous people they would hope to see on their tour. There was one tourist in particular, Gary from Chicago, that stole the entire segment. As he walked the front row with Kimmel he shook hands with Ryan Gosling, snapped photos with Mahershala Ali and his Oscar, and even got fake married by Denzel Washington. It was a delightfully, awkward moment from the Oscars.

Missed it live? See how it all went down. Watch unsuspecting Hollywood tourists crash the 89th Academy Awards in the clip below. Share your thoughts in the comments.

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Photo: ABC

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