Beyoncé and Jay Z Featured On DJ Khaled’s New Track ‘Shining’

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13 Feb2017
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Following music’s biggest night, aka The Grammys, any business savvy artist would find it the best time to drop new music. DJ Khaled did just that when he released a new song titled “Shining” with Beyoncé and Jay Z leading vocals and a verse on the track.

Khaled’s son graces the adorable cover art with Beyoncé singing about all the winning she’s been doing and Jay rapping about his expectant twins with wife Bey. FYI, ideally he would want a boy and girl. The new song is said to be from Khaled’s upcoming album called Grateful.

Listen to DJ Khaled’s “Shining” with Beyoncé and Jay Z HERE, or below, streaming currently on TIDAL. Share your thoughts in the comments.

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Photo: TIDAL

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