Founder & CEO Tinesha Sharpe Brings The Vanity Box To Philly

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12 Feb2017
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Philadelphia, PA — It was a chilly, yet sunny day when The Vanity Box held its grand opening in the city of Brotherly Love, and Sisterly Affection, the new location for the successful premium hair business brand based in New York.

Founder & CEO Tinesha Sharpe, along with her friendly and dedicated team, catered to a long line of eager consumers patiently waiting to enter the newly renovated space in the prime real estate section for businesses in Philly. Located at 504 South Street, The Vanity Box team treated patrons to hot chocolate, delectable treats, and a chance to win prizes (free beauty samples, hair, discounts, etc.) before coming into the venue.

Once inside the #VanityVixens were more than happy to help with any hair questions before purchasing the ideal bundles for your needs. Outside of the mayhem a grand opening can bring, the boss lady, who prefers the term fearless leader, was gracious enough to sit down with me for a few to chat about the growth the company had since the days she was packing hair in her apartment back in Atlanta.

“Initially when I got into it I was looking for a way to make money. At the time I was unemployed and I was looking for a way to turn my life around,” Sharpe recalls about starting her company. Fast forward years later and she owns three hair boutiques in New York, one in New Jersey, the new store in Philly, and plans to open a sixth location in Washington, D.C. in mid March. Hair and products can also be purchased via the official website.

With the hair market being so notorious, The Vanity Box sets it self apart with three things. “The product, the presentation, and the brand itself,” Sharpe spills, adding, “You come to get hair, but when you leave [the store] you’ll get much more than that whether it’s an accessory, a free shampoo/conditioner sample, a free brush, or leaving with a new girlfriend you met in the boutique.” Customer service is very important for Sharpe and has a reputation for excelling in that realm.

For any entrepreneurs wanting to break out in any industry Tinesha offers this advice, “Don’t give up. When I started the company my mom told me not to do it and go back to school. I had to choose between a lot of things, but don’t give up no matter what. Trust yourself and your dopeness.”

In 2017 “expansion” is the keyword for Sharpe and The Vanity Box brand. Continue to expect a good product and a dedicated, passionate team behind it. For more information be sure to visit and follow the team on social media @TheVanityBox on Instagram and @VanityBoxHair on Facebook.

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Photo: Glambergirlblog

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