Emma Stone Talks Awkward Golden Globes Hug On ‘JKL’

Photo: YouTube screenshot /ABC
08 Feb2017
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Emma Stone stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live and talked about that awkward moment she had during this year’s Golden Globe Awards.

Stone’s film “La La Land” swept the Golden Globes this year winning every category they were nominated in giving the 28-year-old actress her first Globe. It was a night of celebration but there was one moment that seemed to overshadow the film’s wins. After “La La Land” writer/director Damien Chazelle was announced as a winner for one award he exchanged hugs with his lady, Ryan Gosling and Stone. Only problem is, the hugs collided for one very awkward moment that of course was made into a GIF.

GIF: Mashable

GIF: Mashable

On JKL Stone laughed off the incident and agreed with Kimmel when he joked about the un-choreographed moment despite being in a very choreographed film.

Watch Emma Stone talk about that awkward Golden Globe hug moment on Jimmy Kimmel Live in the clip below. Share your thoughts in the comments.

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Photo: YouTube screenshot/ABC

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