Pop Artist Azra Discusses ‘Freedom’ EP And Spreading Positive Vibes

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07 Feb2017
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It’s a rare thing in today’s pop culture that an artist makes a conscience decision to create music that will inspire and uplift an audience. Pop singer Azra does just that with her new single “Shine,” her upcoming EP Freedom, and the overall message the South Korea born/California raised beauty has.

Before Azra decided to work solely on her music, she wrote a self-help book, The Cupcake Theory, and started her own entertainment company, CLU Inc, but all things eventually lead back to music.  

Azra spent a good portion of 2016 creating her EP describing the process as “amazing” and further explained how music is therapeutic. “It was good. I faced my own vulnerabilities,” she said, adding, “Music is life, so when you’re creating music and when you’re writing with other musicians and other artists, yeah I go in with my own idea and vision, but when we’re all together writing songs, it’s like a therapy session. I’ll have an epiphany and we’ll talk for hours, then it’s like ‘we should write.’ The process was very enlightening.”

Working with a team out in LA, the “Shine” singer was able to enhance her true sound, but she still did suffer writer’s block which of course could slow down an EP process. Azra pushed through and shared just how so. “I’ll have to put my pen down and just walk away. Go get some air, get some food, and step away to get super present,” she said. “I go back to the basics and ask ‘why did I start writing this idea down.’ As writers I feel we tend to get lost in our ideas. At some point the expectation gets bigger than your pace of writing and that kind of creates that block. So I tell myself ‘Azra slow down.'”

Photo: Roberto Ligresti

Photo: Roberto Ligresti

She didn’t slow down for the making of Freedom, the debut EP from Azra. The five songs compiled on the EP provide pop rock vocals with dance elements that’s all about inspiration and breaking free from yourself. “Freedom, it just came to me. I didn’t say ‘oh I’m going to write this EP and call it ‘Freedom,‘” Azra said on the title of the album.

“I decided to name my EP that because I think just the word in itself is very self-explanatory. Freedom to me means just letting yourself be who you are and express who you are. I think it’s very relevant to what’s going on right now in this world. I wanted people to see that word and interpret it themselves,” she concluded.

Proclaimed an artist with a message, you can expect nothing but #goodvibesonly when listening to this music. “I think it’s important to incorporate inspiration in my music because like I mentioned before, music is life. We connect to music and it really helps us,” Azra mentioned. “I think because of that, even though I’m a pop artist, I wanted to really make sure that the music I make has a meaning to it and people can be affected positively with it. Not all of my songs are 100% all positive, it talks about challenges, but at the end of the day I think you need to create music to impact people. Music, whether it’s emotional or empowering, should have a positive impact.”

In 2017 look out for a possible Azra tour after the album drops in March. Until then, keep up with the singer on social media by following @TheAZRAOfficial on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. Check out her music on Google Plus and YouTube and for all things Azra visit azraofficial.com.

Listen to Azra’s latest single “Shine” in the clip and be sure to pick up, or download, her EP Freedom when it drops March 3rd. (Pre-order HERE) Share your thoughts in the comments.

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Photo: Roberto Ligresti

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