Saturday Night Live Mocks U.S. Customs With Hilarious Welcome Video

Photo: YouTube
05 Feb2017
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We are in a very confusing and often infuriating time in our country. While hate is being spewed left and right we can leave it to Saturday Night Live to bring some comedy into our lives poking fun at U.S. customs.

That man who people are calling president had the bright notion to place a ban on our country that prevented certain people from coming into the states. On SNL a clip set up as a welcome video was cleverly edited to incorporate the changes U.S. customs have gone through over the past weeks. It may make you want to cry because of how true it is, but it’s still rather funny.

Watch Saturday Night Live basically troll Trump and his administration in the clip from this weekend’s show below. Share your thoughts in the comments.

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Photo: YouTube

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