Kara Ann Marie’s Debut EP ‘Keeping On’ Is A Strong Message For Women

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02 Feb2017
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It seems these days some of the best things are coming out of Canada. Kara Ann Marie‘s debut EP Keeping On is just that. Combing sweet gospel vocals, soothing folk tunes, and thought-provoking poetry, Kara manages to bring a new sound to the indie crowd.

Growing up in the Toronto, Canada region before moving to England, the artist founded the independent label Orphan No More with fellow musician and husband Joshua Luke Smith, that label released Kara’s EP in January.

Along with being a singer, Kara is a certified counselor and is using that title to pair with her music. “These songs are what I needed to hear, personally, to walk through each season over the last few years,” she said, adding, “They profess both my belief and lack of it during times of loss, fulfillment and everywhere in between. I hope you find yourself in the music, in the moment when all seems lost or against you, when the waves seem high and the winds are heavy, find the sweet song of hope, courage and of keeping on.”

Keeping On is now available on iTunes and where digital music is sold. Listen to Kara Ann Marie’s debut EP Keeping On in the clips below. Share your thoughts in the comments.

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Photo: Project Light Agency

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