Glambergirlblog’s Top Six Moments From HBO’s ‘Girls’

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02 Feb2017
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HBO’s beloved series Girls, that was the voice of a generation, is sadly coming to an end after six seasons. The final season begins in a little over a week, so it’s time to get nostalgic.

Before the sixth and final season airs and we say goodbye to the characters Lena Dunham, Allison Williams, Jemima Kirke, Zosia Mamet, Adam Driver, Alex Karpovsky, and Andrew Rannells made pop culture references, I think it’s about time Glambergirlblog breaks down the top six moments from the show.

Without further ado check out the list below, in no particular order, of GGB’s top six moments from HBO’s Girls.

Adam tells Marnie a story about love after breaking up with Charlie (S3E1)
Charlie and Marnie were finally in a good space, but he just up and leaves her without warning. That break up left Marnie all types of confused, but when Adam told her a story about really knowing someone it was the moment she began to get closure. It was also the moment I’m pretty sure I really knew I loved Adam.

All Adventurous women do dance on their own (S1E3)
Hannah discovers she has HPV, a pretty common sexually transmitted infection women can get. She then goes down the list of men she slept with leading her to meet up with an ex, Elijah, who in turn has some news of his own for Hannah. He’s gay. The episode ends with Hannah and Marnie having an epic dance party.

Jessa cries with Hannah in the bathtub and it’s a “Wonderwall” (S2E4)
After being married for about two seconds, Jessa has a bad break up with Thomas-John. She goes to Hannah’s apartment and has a break down. So unlike Jessa, but it shows her vulnerable side and this scene also shows the sweet bond Hannah and Jessa had, you know B.A – before Adam.

Marnie singing Kanye West’s Stronger (S2E9)
You want to talk about good laughs, Marnie’s take on Kanye West’s track “Stronger” has to be on the top six list because for one I absolutely loved this rendition and wanted more, everyone’s reaction, especially Shoshanna, is really funny in this scene, and the complete meltdown Marnie doesn’t even realize she’s having is golden.

Adam comes to help Hannah. “I was always here” (S2E10)
By the end of season two Hannah was a mess. She awkwardly cut her hair, was struggling to write her e-book, got a Q tip stuck in her ear, and ran into Adam when she looked like crap. My girl was going through it. A redeeming moment came to Hannah when she “Facespace” Adam in a weak moment. He came to her aid in the sweetest way when she really needed him. Swoon.

Hannah’s classic tale about jealousy (S5E10)
Hannah performs at The Moth in the finale of season five. At this point she knows about Adam and Jessa hooking up and shares a very adult story about dealing with jealousy. I don’t know about you, but I got all the feels during this scene leaving me wondering how this show would wrap up. Soon we’ll see.

All my Girls fans out there, which moments were your favorites? Did any of mine make your list? Share your thoughts in the comments and be sure to join me on Twitter for GGB’s Twitter TV Talk when the season kicks off.

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