Keke Palmer Opens Up About Love, Her New Book, and More On ‘Wendy’

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01 Feb2017
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Keke Palmer has been going all over New York City to promote her new book “I Don’t Belong To You.” The book tour took an interesting turn when she stopped by Wendy. Knowing the former radio show host would get all up in her business, Palmer was ready for whatever Wendy Williams was dishing.

The first thing the two talked about once Keke sat on the couch for her interview was her rather “grown up” choice of clothing. Wendy told Keke, “You realize you don’t have to struggle so hard to prove that you’re grown up” in which the 23-year-old replied, “Yeah, but I feel like people think that that’s what I’m doing no matter what because they want me to be a kid. I can’t change their perception of me. Even though people will see me being older and they’ll think you’re trying to be older, no I’m just older.”

Later on the conversation went to Palmer’s love life where Williams asked if the actress/singer was “sexually fluid.” Palmer said she “loves who loves me.” Keke even talked about the “Trey Songz situation” where she was possibly suing the “Na Na” singer for using her in a music video after she refused to appear in it. It was an interesting convo to say the least.

Watch Keke Palmer talk about her new book, the Trey Songz situation, her love life, and more in the clip below. Share your thoughts in the comments.

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Photo: YouTube

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