Singer-Songwriter Kylie Hughes Dishes On Upcoming Album And Teases A Tour

Photo: Austin Winchell
30 Jan2017
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When you create your own music genre to properly display your music style it’s pretty clear that you’re an artist who creates your own rules. Singer-Songwriter Kylie Hughes is just that. A talented artist who’s going beyond her Calipopicana (California, Pop, and Americana) era to showcase how she’s grown as an singer over the past years.

Music has always been a path Kylie knew she would go down since the eighth grade, she told Glambergirlblog the first song she wrote was called “Bad News” about some “dumb boy who kissed another girl.” Her writing skills have since evolved from writing about childhood heartbreak to other life lessons she learned along the way on her musical journey.

Kylie’s been writing her upcoming commercial album since 2015 and is excited for fans to hear new music, especially when she performs it live. Some of those songs you can expect are “Gotta Get Outta Here” and “Always on Your Side.” And since the new album is 100% Kylie and she worked with five different producers, look forward to an eclectic sound. “It’s nice that I can look back at each song and not feel like I’ve been pulled in one direction. It’s very much how I would want the songs to be.”

The songstress has hopes to hit the road to promote her music leading with a radio tour after her album drops around March. While we wait on that, you can catch her playing at SXSW this year and be on the look out for some visuals to go with her music. Check out some excerpts from out chat below.

Photo: Austin Winchell

Photo: Austin Winchell

On how Calipopicana helped shape her sound:

“I did an EP about two years ago and it was called Calipopicana. It was a very tunnel vision, surf sound. I really just wanted to make an EP that channeled what Calipopicana was, the genre. For this next one I wanted to co-write and collaborate with different people because I think writing with different people brings out better stuff in your game, like if you learned from a better tennis player. I feel like working with all five of those people [producers] explored five different parts of me and that’s what you’ll get on this new album.”

On the importance of creating your lane:

“I think if you want immediate results and you want a single then you can go head and follow the cookie cutter way [of doing things]. It’s certain sounds and hooks that will immediately get attention because they’re like other songs people have heard. I could have done that with some of the songs I’m releasing, but being an artist I felt I had to do things that are a bit more alternative.”

On finding her voice:

“I’m not the singer singer. I don’t put myself in that category and I think for a while that really bugged me, but working with new people and new producers I found the sound that was right for me. It allowed me to create music that complimented my voice and highlighted my style of singing.”

On never giving up on your dreams:

“[It’s] a lot of trail and error. Try everything at least once. Once a philosopher, twice a fool. I think that with this being my first commercial release album, it took me awhile to be OK with finding what was me. Also being vulnerable like, ‘this is the kind of music I like, maybe it’s not for everybody, but I hope that some people will like it.’ A great way to feel people out is to release some of your music that’s all different kinds. It’s important to test the waters and play live. Pay attention to feedback, but also play what you want to play.”

Stay updated on all the projects Kylie Hughes is working on by following her on social media @MissKylieHughes on Instagram and Twitter and search KylieHughesMusic on Facebook.

Until the new album drops, take a listen to some of Kylie’s music from last year in the clips below. Share your thoughts in the comments.

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Photo: Austin Winchell

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