A Bad Lip Reading Shows You What Really Was Said During Inauguration Day

Photo: A Bad Lip Reading
26 Jan2017
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Like many sane Americans I opted out of watching the presidential inauguration of D.T. And yes I’m still one of those people who really doesn’t acknowledge that man as president. I even refuse to say his full name and president in the same sentence. I’m that pressed and I don’t care. So since I only saw clips of the inauguration that I had no way of avoiding on my social media timelines, I knew enough of it to be intrigued to watch A Bad Lip Reading of Inauguration Day.

A Bad Lip Reading is a YouTube channel that often takes actual clips from films, television, news reports, sporting events, and so on, and place words and conversations between people with bad lip sync voice overs that really do match the way the mouths are moving. This blog covered a bunch of the bad lip readings of films in the past, so I knew this Inauguration Day one would be funny. Enough of me blabbering on, just watch the video and prepare to chuckle.

Watch A Bad Lip Reading of Inauguration Day in the clip below and be sure to sound off in the comments and let me know what you think.

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Photo: A Bad Lip Reading

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