One Man’s Dislike For ‘La La Land’ Led To A Hilarious Interrogation On ‘SNL’

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22 Jan2017
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It was a night of firsts for comedic actor Aziz Ansari and rapper Big Sean. Ansari made his first hosting debut over the weekend on Saturday Night Live with first time SNL performer Big Sean as the musical guest.

Ansari received a normal amount of laughs throughout the night, but there was one sketch for me that I loved, naturally because of my absolute OBsession with “La La Land.” In the clip Aziz Ansari plays a man who’s been arrested unbeknownst to him the reasoning. Police officers, played by SNL cast members Cecily Strong and Beck Bennett, began to interrogate Ansari’s character about comments he made on a date saying “La La Land” was just “good” and “dragged in the middle.”

Those comments didn’t sit well with the cops, or me, and the two played bad cop and badder cop as they belittled the man for his lack of respect for the film. I for one couldn’t agree more. Nobody talks back about ‘La La Land” on my watch either.

Watch “La La Land Interrogation,” a hilarious sketch from this weekend’s Saturday Night Live, in the clip below. Share your thoughts in the comments.

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Photo: YouTube/NBC

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