Miss Jay DMV Gives You A 90s Vocal Coach Lesson You Need To Hear

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17 Jan2017
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Nostalgia is in the air and it’s been for a while. With all the remakes and sampled tracks, it’s the perfect time for 90s vocal coach Victoria Chase to make her business known.

Fronted by female comedienne Jennah Brittany aka Miss Jay DMV, dressed in T-Boz realness 90s gear, the vid is a mock infomercial promoting her “90s Vocal Coach” course. The classes she offers include: Aaron Hall 101, SWV 102, and she also stresses the importance of “running.” If you know about that good R&B, then you know exactly what Victoria Chase is talking about.

Relive the 90s and watch Miss Jay DMV as a 90s vocal coach in the hilarious clip below. Share your thoughts in the comments.

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Photo: YouTube

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