Why ‘La La Land’ Is Forcing Me To Level Up Or Shut Up

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13 Jan2017
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“Tell us a story” was the line that lead to Mia’s life changing career moment in “La La Land.” The Golden Globe winning film stars Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling as ambitious creative types striving to reach their dreams. Having been obsessing over the movie since I first saw the trailer I’ve been putting off seeing the movie, but yesterday I finally headed to the theater to see what all the hype was about. After watching “La La Land,” one thought immediately came to mind… I have to get my shit together!

Photo: Lionsgate

Photo: Lionsgate

While watching the film I found myself heavy signing and looking lovingly at the big screen feeling the essence of what is missing in a Hollywood big budget project, an original idea. Despite the techno color that captivated the screen, the music that still rings sweet nothings in my mind, the perfect dance/music numbers that kept me grooving in the theater, the acting in itself that obviously was award-winning, and how very handsome Ryan Gosling is, there was a message for this dreamer that resonated deeper than I think the screenplay writer intended.

Stone’s character Mia, the struggling actress, and Gosling’s character Sebastian, the talented jazz pianist, channeled two very different but familiar elements when chasing your dreams. In one instance you can feel tired filled with self-doubt and ready to throw in the towel completely and in another instance you could settle for money and live adjacent to the dream you were once so passionate about. Both instances you end up miserable until you decide to level up and go after what you really want or shut up, stop complaining and accept that less desired path you chose to live.

During a pivotal part in the film Mia experienced a failure that shook her so much she stepped back from acting to go home to her parents. She later has a sob fest with Sebastian where she mentioned she was working on her career for six years with no real successful. During the Golden Globes the creators of the film mentioned it took them six years to get the final product together and guess what turns 6 this year, you’ve guessed it GGB. So at this point I’m holding back tears in theater as this scene got me right together.

Photo: Dale Robinette

Photo: Dale Robinette

Sebastian basically told Mia she’s being a baby for crying about her circumstances and not going for what she wants. So what you failed, KEEP GOING. So what if this audition isn’t the one that leads to the big break, KEEP GOING. Who cares if no one shows up to your first event, KEEP GOING. Someone tells you no, a deal falls through, you hit rock bottom and have to start over, KEEP GOING.

Yes “La La Land” is a musical gem with a romantic background that kind of makes you want to move to L.A., but for the go-getters, the “fools who dream,” this film packs a punch that assures you that a set back isn’t the end. It’s what I like to call a “check point” in your life where you need to assess and check yourself at this point in order to level up. It’s just fine to feel frustrated or defeated, but don’t stay there. Feel the feelings and push through because someone out there is rooting for you. I’m rooting for you. Here’s to us dreamers! 💋

Watch the “Dreamers” trailer for “La La Land” in the clip below and share your thoughts in the comments.

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Photo: Lionsgate

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