“Merry Christmas Everybody” From The Lawrence Welk Show

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25 Dec2016
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I hope you’ve all had a wonderful day celebrating this festive occasion with loved ones and I also hope you’ve all enjoyed the first ever GGBHoliday. The holidays may be coming to a close, but if you ever feel you need some holiday cheer you can always revisit the GGBHoliday series to keep you in warm spirits until next year. [Just click here]

To end our festive series I wanted to share yet another Saturday Night Live clip, they have all the best holiday bits. One of the shows staple characters is Judice, played by former cast member Kristen Wiig. Judice is one of the Maharelle Sisters from the Finger Lakes that appears on the Lawrence Welk (Fred Armisen) Show opposite some famous singer. In this clip James Franco joins them as a Latin singer to perform about Christmas and the winter season, but things don’t go as smoothly when Judice steps up to sing. You’ll see what I mean.

Watch the Lawrence Welk Show winter cold open from Saturday Night Live in the clip below. Share your thoughts in the comments.

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Photo: YouTube

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