Joanne The Scammer Is On The Run In ‘Thelma & Louise’ Inspired Clip

Photo: Super Deluxe YouTube
15 Dec2016
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“Honestly, truly” scammers never die. Especially ones names Joanne!

Thanks to Super Deluxe, Joanne The Scammer, an “iconic” social media personality brought to life by Branden Miller, has a new video out with some help from another infamous social media personality/comic Khadi Don.

In Khadi & Joanne, the ladies set out on a “Thelma & Louise” type adventure that happens after Khadi shoots and kills Joanne’s abusive lover. They embark on a cross-country trip that has them picking up a handsome stranger, getting robbed, stealing a fur coat, and ultimately out running the law by driving off a cliff, but could they survive?

Watch Joanne The Scammer and Khadi Don in the comical clip Khadi & Joanne  below. Share your thoughts in the comments.

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Photo: Super Deluxe YouTube

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