‘Fences’ Actress Saniyya Sidney Talks New Roles And Taking Over Young Hollywood

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10 Dec2016
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#Blackgirlmagic is personified in young, upcoming actress Saniyya Sidney who has already sprinkled her resume with dynamic characters and acted alongside some outstanding talent in the industry. Not to mention she’s earned the respect of her industry counterparts being deemed “a rising star,” she also was handpicked by Denzel Washington for her role in “Fences,” out Christmas Day.

Saniyya Sidney allowed me the opportunity to pick her young brain about stepping into the acting world, working on her latest projects, and more! Check out excerpts from out chat below.

On getting started in the industry:
“I began in my acting classes when I was five. To this day, I am always training to understand my craft. Then I auditioned, auditioned & auditioned. After a few commercials, “Roots” was my first project I booked.”

On getting hand picked by Denzel Washington for “Fences”:
“I have always taken acting very seriously. I feel like I had been preparing and waiting half my life for that call. So when it came, I was truly ready. It was the greatest honor to meet and be cast by him. He’s one of the greatest actors in the history of acting.”

On working on the set of “Fences”:
“They became my family. I will always think of them as my second family. They make it look easy, but people would be amazed just how hard they work. How much they truly care about finding the truth.”

Photo: Mayhem Entertainment PR

Photo: Mayhem Entertainment PR

On getting into character:
“It is my goal to understand the story so I know my place in it. In the end, it’s about giving the audience the best experience possible and making them feel what my character feels.”

On playing Flora on ‘American Horror Story’ season 6:
“[It was] So fun!!! I loved all the props and the blood. The set designers were really cool. They would let me taste the blood. And to work with Angela Bassett, Sarah Paulson, and Cuba Gooding Jr. was the best because they just give into the experience. Evan Peters was amazing, and to be held hostage by Kathy Bates is a dream come true!”

On being a rising star and giving advice to young talent:
“You have to love acting so nothing feels like a sacrifice. When you truly love it, it always feels like you are gaining something. This is not a hobby for me. This is what I do. You can’t be successful if you are not all in. You have to have positive thinking all the time. Don’t get in it to be famous, get in it to be the greatest at what you do. Always train and be ready to work really hard.”

Photo: Mayhem Entertainment PR

Photo: Mayhem Entertainment PR

On the best career advice received:
“From Denzel “Always seek the truth.” From Viola, “Find and connect with the emotion.””

On fun outside of work:
“I love to be with my family. We have a great time together and laugh a lot. I also love to sit in the office in my house and just eat ice cream and watch Netflix on the computer.”

On balancing work and school:
“We make it work because when you love to do something you always find a way to get it done. I am very lucky because my parents are so supportive of my dream. It takes a great team to be successful.”

Keep up with Saniyya and follow her on Twitter and Instagram @saniyyasideny and on Facebook at SaniyyaSidney. Check out trailers from Sidney’s upcoming films “Hidden Figures” and “Fences,” both out Christmas Day, in the clips below and share your thoughts in the comments.

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Photos: Mayhem Entertainment PR

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