Avan Jogia Plays A Disturbed Man With A Dark Past In ‘The Drowning’

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05 Dec2016
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Imagine if Danny Desai from Twisted never got out of juvie as a teen and returned to Greengrove, but stayed until he was released later in life; this is what I imagine his life would have become later.

In “The DrowningAvan Jogia plays a guy named Danny, ironically enough, who committed a murder when he was 11 and released later. When he tries to commit suicide by jumping into a river, Tom (Josh Charles) and Lauren Seymour (Julia Stiles), a couple walking nearby, sees him and Tom jumps in to save Danny. Later, Tom remembers that he knows Danny and played a role in sending him away in the first place.

The past, present, and future comes colliding when Danny comes back into Tom’s life with an unknown ulterior motive in the thriller with a release slated for this year. Watch the trailer for “The Drowning” in the clip below and share your thoughts in the comments.

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Photo: Electric Entertainment

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