#WhoIsUnderTheSheet – ‘HTGAWM’ Cast Member Speaks On Shocking Death

Photo: ABC/Nicole Wilder
18 Nov2016
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Spoilers ahead! If you missed last night’s episode of ABC’s hit drama How To Get Away With Murder then wait until you saw the winter finale to read on.

The big mystery of the third season teased a huge death of a major cast member with the hashtag #WhoIsUnderTheSheet on social media. Week by week it was revealed which cast member is wasn’t reassuring fans of the show if their favs were safe. Up until the last minute, series creator Peter Nowalk has us thinking the Keating 5 was safe, but we were bamboozled when Wes Gibbbins played by actor Alfred Enoch was indeed the one under the sheet and killed off the show. An even bigger twist was that not only was Wes burned in the explosion of Annalise Keating’s house, but he was dead long before the fire. *Gasp*

Photo: YouTube/ABC

Photo: YouTube/ABC

Enoch appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live to talk about getting the news about his character’s fate and if we would see him for the remaining of the season, returning January 19th. I didn’t even really care for Wes, but I’m pretty bothered to see that it was him under the sheet.

Watch Alfred Enoch talk about getting killed off on How To Get Away With Murder in the clip below. Share your thoughts on who you think killed Wes in the comments below.

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Photo: ABC/Nicole Wilder

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