‘Shooter’Actress Lexy Kolker Talks New USA Series And Her Growing Career

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16 Nov2016
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Actress Lexy Kolker may be young, but she’s wise beyond her years to know the path she wants her career to take and she has some great help from a famous family member and A-list co-stars from her new series Shooter. 

Back in June I spoke with Kolker’s older sister Ava, who plays Ava Morgenstern on Disney’s hit series Girl Meets World, and Lexy shared with GGB the influence her big sis had on her wanting to be an actress. “I watched my sister Ava and it looked so fun. So we started making home movies and she gave me some different parts, then I went on auditions and loved it,” Kolker said about getting the acting bug.

“She has taught me to work hard, to learn my lines even if it seems like it’s a lot, and to believe that I can do it even when it is very hard, especially crying,” Lexy added about how Ava helped her with acting.

Photo: Ascend Public Relations Group

Photo: Ascend Public Relations Group

After landing roles on the television show Criminal Minds and in the film “Female Fight Club,” Lexy earned a spot on USA’s new series Shooter as Mary Swagger, the daughter of Bob Lee Swagger played by star of the show Ryan Phillippe. It turns out Lexy’s character Mary is a lot like the little beauty. “Mary is a lot like me because she loves her parents so much and misses her daddy when he’s not with her,” Kolker said, adding, “She is happiest when her mom and dad are with her. She also likes a good adventure like me and she is very brave. I try to be brave when I am scared, but she goes through a lot and is very strong like her dad.”

Along with Phillippe, Shantel VanSanten also appears in the series as Kolker’s character mom. She spoke highly of her cast mates saying, “I love them both. They are so nice to me and I always sit on Shantel’s lap between scenes and she plays with me. She’s definitely my second mom.”

Photo: Tammie Ter-Veen Photography

Photo: Tammie Ter-Veen Photography

When Lexy isn’t working, she spends time with her family, who nicknamed her “Piper,” because she likes to “pipe” in with an opinion. She also spends time with the family pets: two dogs (Mia and Jasmine) and Myrtle the turtle. Lexy plays soccer, enjoys singing and dancing and has goals to do a movie with his sister in the future.

Since we’re so close to the holiday season, Lexy shared that she’s going to Cabo, then traveling to Disney World. After that I’m sure she’ll be traveling to the top of young Hollywood list. Follow Lexy Kolker on Instagram @LexyKolker_ to stay up to date on all the projects she’s working on.

Catch Lexy Kolker in the USA Network series Shooter opposite Ryan Phillippe and Shantel VanSanten Tuesdays at 10pm. See if you can spot Kolker in the trailer for the show in the clip below. Share your thoughts in the comments.

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Photo: Tammie Ter-Veen Photography

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  • Ella • 1 year ago

    Wow! I have seen her sister act in several things before but I did not know lexy acted as well! She is so cute and shows a lot of talent! Good luck sweetie and Congrats on your role in “Shooter”!

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