Kristen Stewart Thinks Back On ‘Twilight’ Success And Talks New Movies On ‘Ellen’

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11 Nov2016
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Kristen Stewart returned to The Ellen Show for the first time since promoting the last Twilight Saga” film five years ago to talk about her memories of the film and what upcoming projects she’s working on.

In the upcoming year Stewart has around six films coming out, but Ellen DeGeneres took the conversion to the “Twilight” films with Stewart sharing her most memorable moments. Pictures from the last time the entire cast was on the show were displayed on the screen, along with photos of Stewart in character as she talked about the experience and how it shaped her moving forward.

Later the two talked about Stewart winning the Cesar in France, equivalent to the American Oscar, and what that award meant to her.

Watch Kristen Stewart talk about “Twilight” and her new movies in the clip from Ellen below. Share your thoughts in the comments.

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Photo: YouTube

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