Cristina Lizzul Premieres “Medea” Music Video

Photo: Mayhem Entertainment PR
05 Nov2016
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After much anticipation, the music video for Cristina Lizzul‘s track “Medea” is here, the second single off her EP Percipience.

Produced by NEEDFUL RECORDS during her time in Capri, Italy, the video starts off with some spoken word reminiscent to Beyoncé’s Lemonade and then takes the viewers on a beautiful trip of the landscapes of Italy while singing sweet melodies.

Photo: Mayhem Entertainment PR

Photo: Mayhem Entertainment PR

Back in August I spoke with Lizzul about the “Medea” track where she said, “Throughout my artistry I want to really promote a good, positive image on life through art.” She added, “I feel like as artists we’re able to sound off and solve some issues that we have in society today, so instead of getting revenge on somebody that hurt me, I’ll just write a song and the whole world will know and I’m done.”

Watch Cristina Lizzul’s music video for “Medea” in the clip below and share your thoughts in the comments.

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Photo: Mayhem Entertainment PR

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