SNL Spoofs The Third, and Final, Trump vs. Clinton Presidential Debate

Photo: YouTube/NBC
23 Oct2016
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Earlier this week Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton had their third and final presidential debate in Las Vegas. While America is glad that foolishness is over, we have to collectively mourn the fact that it means the final hilarious Alec Baldwin and Kate McKinnon face off on Saturday Night Live

This weekend’s SNL host Tom Hanks served as moderator Chris Wallace for the final Trump vs. Clinton debate. Both Baldwin and McKinnon put their best foot forward to channel the presidential candidates still bringing that amazing essence they did in the first one. I’m so glad this election race is coming to an end, but I will miss these mock debates.

Watch the third and final Donald Trump vs. Hillary Clinton presidential debate spoofed on Saturday Night Live in the clip below. Share your thoughts in the comments.

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Photo: YouTube/NBC

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