Get Ready For More Blood Shed In The Halloween Episode of ‘Scream Queens’

Photo: FOX
18 Oct2016
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Jamie Lee Curtis and Keke Palmer break down what to expect in the upcoming episode of Scream Queensairing tonight on FOX.

In the wake of the beloved Chad Radwll (Glen Powell) meeting his untimely demise right before his wedding to Chanel (Emma Roberts), everyone is still attempting to enjoy the Halloween festivities, catch the Green Meanie, and continue the tradition of Chaneloween. Fan shouldn’t rule out blood shed though, another victim is claimed by the Green Meanie on tonight’s episode.

Photo: FOX

Photo: FOX

Watch the newest episode of Scream Queens “Halloween Blues” tonight at 9pm on FOX and catch a glimpse of what to expect in the clip below. Be sure to discuss with GGB on Twitter tonight apart of Glambergirlblog’s Twitter TV Talk. Share your thoughts in the comments.

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