Taylor Lautner Shares Wild Story About Snapping A Photo With A Giraffe On ‘Ellen’

Photo: EllenTube
05 Oct2016
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Taylor Lautner stopped by Ellen this week and shared a “wild story” about the time he fed a giraffe with a carrot from his mouth and why he did it again.

Along with sharing photos from his excursion, Lautner talked about the last time he was on the show and how a fan got very touchy feely with his abs. Can you blame her? Later Lautner played “Oops! My Water Broke” and talked a bit about his new role as Dr. Cassidy Cascade on Scream Queens.

Watch Taylor Lautner share his wild stories about giraffe photos and play a game in the clips from Ellen below. Share your thoughts in the comments.

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Photo: EllenTube

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