Evan Peters Recalls An Awkward Moment With Jessica Lange Filming ‘AHS’ On ‘Conan’

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05 Oct2016
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While we have yet to see Evan Peters appear on this current season of American Horror StoryConan O’Brien gave us a treat when Peters stopped by his show as a guest.

Peters, rocking red hair for his current AHS character, didn’t spill any details about this season, but it was revealed that the anthology series got picked up for season 7. Evan did however recall a time when he was shooting season 2, Asylum, with former cast member Jessica Lange and he accidentally revealed himself to her.

During a scene, Peters’ character Kit had to be bent over a desk, bare bottom, to get a beating from Sister Jude (Lange). He had to wear a protective sock on his genitals and things didn’t go as planned. I’ll let Evan further explain.

Watch Evan Peters share how he accidentally revealed himself to Jessica Langer shooting AHS in the clip below. Share your thoughts in the comments.

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Photo: YouTube/TBS

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