Report: Kim Kardashian West Held Up At Gun Point – Kanye West Ends Meadows Festival Set Early

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03 Oct2016
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Kim Kardashian West made headlines after news broke of a scary incident for the mother of two and wife of Kanye West.

Reports are alleging Kardashian West was held at gunpoint inside her hotel room by two men on Sunday evening, Oct. 2, in Paris. KKW has been in Paris for the past week with family and friends during Paris Fashion Week.

A spokesperson named Ina Treciokas told CNN, “Kim Kardashian West was held up at gunpoint inside her Paris hotel room this evening, by two armed masked men dressed as police officers. She is badly shaken but physically unharmed.”

Kanye West, who was in New York performing at the Meadows Festival during the time, abruptly ended his set about 30 minutes early after someone ran on stage and supposedly told him the news. He stopped in the middle of performing “Heartless” and said he had to leave because of a “family emergency.”

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Photo: Instagram

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