‘K.C. Undercover’ Actress Trinitee Stokes Talks Disney Show and Breaking Into The Industry

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03 Oct2016
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Trinitee Stokes was just two-years-old when she had caught the acting bug from a show us millennials grew up on. “I was watching an episode of That’s So Raven and it was really funny. That’s when I told my mom that I wanted to be on television so that I could make people laugh too,” Stokes recalls.

Realizing one of her God-given gifts of entertaining people, Stokes knew the industry was where she wanted to build a career. Fast forward to 2015, Trinitee Stokes can now be seen on Disney Channel’s K.C. Undercover opposite Zendaya, Kadeem Hardison, and Tammy Townsend as Judy Cooper, the youngest sibling in a family filled with spies.

“I play the role of Judy, the youngest sibling of the Cooper family disguised as a sophisticated robot. She is there to assist the family when solving missions,” Stokes said about her character further explaining that the two share a lot of similarities. “She is cute, sassy, no-nonsense, and very intelligent. Some of the lines in her scripts would be something that I would say, so it makes it that much easier to come across in a natural way. Judy also has great fashion sense like me and LOVES shoes,” she added.

Photo: Ascend PR Group

Photo: Bobby Quillard

Working alongside the cast has been described as a “wonderful experience” for Trinitee who has helped the young actress learn the importance of a good work ethic and the mechanics of the acting industry like blocking and paying attention to where the cameras are.

When she’s not on set you can find Trinitee in a different type of studio, a music studio. “I love the music the Lord is creating through me. The types of songs that I am working on are inspirational, yet upbeat and fun. When I see someone smiling while listening to my music, it tells me that I am giving them a sense of hope. Giving others hope is what inspires me to create,” she shared about the importance of making music.

Balancing a personal life, school, and a growing career can often be difficult for anyone at any age, but Trinitee cites her mother as the person in her life that keeps her grounded in academics. Outside of playing her favorite app, Bakery Story 2, and excelling in the subjects of Science and History in school, you’d be surprise to know Trinitee preaches sometimes at church and she’s a fashion designer. The industry better watch out, there’s nothing Trinitee Stokes can’t do!

Be sure to catch Trinitee Stokes on K.C. Undercover airing on the Disney Channel Sunday nights. Check your local listings.

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Photo: Bobby Quillard

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