The Cast of ‘Will & Grace’ Weigh In On The 2016 Presidential Election

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30 Sep2016
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They’re back! To get you seriously thinking about the 2016 presidential election now that we’re closing in on the final months before election day on Tuesday, November 8th.

The cast of beloved series Will & Grace has reunited and channeled Will, Grace, Karen, and Jack to talk about the 2016 presidential election along with some elements of pop culture. A few days ago Debra Messing, Eric McCormack, Sean Hayes, and Megan Mullally posted a photo on social media on the set of the show basically breaking the internet. They all proclaimed to be back to delight of fans from the series, but maybe this was just a mini comeback.

Ten years later the foursome gathered to work on a sketch in character to discuss the candidates for presidency. It’s clear they’re all “with her,” well maybe not all of them. The clip uploaded on “Vote Honey” YouTube is the a perfect throwback of what the show was about and sheds some comedy on the current presidential election. Lord knows we need it.

Watch the cast of Will & Grace discuss the 2016 presidential election in the clip below. Share your thoughts in the comments and be sure to get out to the polls on Tuesday, November 8th and VOTE!

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Photo: Instagram

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