Evan Peters Rocks A New Hair Color For AHS Season 6 And that's all he can tell us

Photo: The Wrap
30 Aug2016
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The Wrap sat down with American Horror Story actor Evan Peters to try to get some insight on what fans can expect from the upcoming sixth season of the horror anthology FX series, premiering Wednesday, September 14th, and they got absolutely nothing.

Peters was asked the name of the show this year, if he could share anything about AHS season 6, deets about his character, and if he would get hurt if he revealed anything about the new season. His response to literally every question was “I don’t know.”

Photo: The Wrap

Photo: The Wrap

What he did reveal was that his new orange-reddish hair color was due to the show. So I guess that’s something.

Season 6 of American Horror Story premieres on Wednesday, September 14th at 10pm on FX. Watch Evan Peters chat, well sort of, with The Wrap in the video below and share your thoughts in the comments. Any idea what the theme will be?

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Photo: The Wrap

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