Actors Wanted: Here’s Why Actors Insite Is The Go-To Site For Industry Professionals

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30 Aug2016
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Brad Holbrook is president and operator of the online service Actors Insite that connects professional actors with “the industry.” These insiders include: casting directors, talent agents, and talent managers aka the “Industry Pros” to Holbrook.

Actors Insite, AI, allows actors to select from a monthly panel of Industry Pros to submit their work (demo reel, headshot, resume), after paying a small submission fee, to get the professional opinion from those who make and break careers in the industry. Unlike other site where actors can profile themselves like IMDb, AI lets actors “improve their presentation skills and create opportunities” on their own.

Over the past six years, the site has been the diamond in the rough source that gives actors the inside tips they need and access to the professionals that will help them be successful in the industry.

Actress Daniella Rabbani, who uses the site faithfully, finds the resources AI offers very helpful and “super valauable.” She said, “this is the most time and cost-effective way to start to build relationships with casting directors” as well as citing the site as a tool that aligned her directly with the right people to advance her career.

In the future Actors Insite hopes to grow its database and continue to provide a service that gives actors the greatest beneficial tips for their careers with the least amount of hassle and expense no matter where you live.

If you want to know more about Actors Insite visit the official website at

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