Here’s Why You Should Know About Joanne The Scammer

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25 Aug2016
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Joanne The Scammer, aka Joanne Prada, is a messy bitch who lives for drama, her words not mine, and lives to scam any and everyone around her.

Branden Miller is the man behind the infamous social media character and has ranked in 925K Instagram (@iambranden) followers and 439.3K Twitter (@joanneprada) followers that follow his every scam anxiously waiting for the next video that depicts his “Caucasian” life as Joanne.

It’s all pure comedy and in the day and age when anyone can achieve fame by building a strong social media presence, Miller’s Joanne The Scammer stands out from the rest for me. “Honestly, truly” I find Joanne to be simply hilarious and it was proven to me for sure after watching “Positive Life Choice with Joanne,” a comedy sketch presented by Super Deluxe. In the 40 minute plus clip, Joanne gives advice to callers on subjects like: sex, money, work, love, and spirituality. I usually don’t watch clips this long, but trust me it’s worth it. After this, you’ll be obsessed with Joanne just like me.

Watch the premiere episode of “Positive Life Choices with Joanne” below and you’ll see exactly why I’ve become obsessed with Joanne The Scammer. Share your thoughts in the comments.

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Photo: YouTube

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