Halle Berry Searches For Her Son In ‘Kidnap’ [TRAILER]

Photo: Peter Iovino for Kidnap Holdings, LLC
23 Aug2016
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Halle Berry stars in the fast-paced thriller “Kidnap” as a desperate mom taking matters into our hands when her son is kidnapped.

In the first look at the film, Berry’s character is seen having fun moments with her son at the playground until he is taken by an unknown assailant. At first she attempt to report her son missing, but after seeing the many children still missing on the police bulletin board she takes matters into her own hands to get her son back.

“Kidnap” is in post production and expected for a December 2nd theater date.

Watch Halle Berry in the thrilling trailer for “Kidnap” below and share your thoughts in the comments.

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Photo: Peter Iovino for Kidnap Holdings, LLC

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