Music Monday: Check Out Canadian Singer/Songwriter Laura Roy’s Debut EP

Photo: Olivia Ellen MacDonald
22 Aug2016
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It’s Music Monday and that means it’s time for Glambergirlblog to introduce you to another up and coming artist. Canadian singer/songwriter Laura Roy is breaking out onto the music scene with her debut self-titled EP containing 6 tracks channeling synth-pop, those good 90’s R&B elements splashed with soulful vocals and hooks that will get stuck in your head, but in the best way possible.

Based in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Roy has shared the stage with such artists like: Jully Black, JRDN, Ludacris, Rakim and Freddy Gibbs and worked with accomplished writers and producers like: Rob Wells, Alex Greggs, Caitlyn Smith, and Gordie Sampson.

Roy’s first single “Don’t Chase” has the young starlet singing sweet vocals about not chasing or forcing a situation, or feeling, and believing it will come to you naturally. Her debut album, written and recorded in Toronto and New York City, got the help from producers Adam King, Joel Stouffer, and Ari Leff. “I’ve been working on the EP for the last year and a half. I’ve tried to make sure the music represents my experiences in a way that feels true to who I am as an artist right now,” she said.

Laura Roy’s haunting voice is unique and compared to nothing you will hear on the radio these days. A dynamic unicorn in a field of her own, Roy is here with a story to tell in her music and it’s time for the world to pay attention.

Listen to Laura Roy’s first single, the acoustic session, “Don’t Chase,” and the acoustic version of “Plastic” below. Share your thoughts in the comments. Be sure to check out Roy’s debut EP currently available on iTunes, Spotify and Apple Music.

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Photo: Olivia Ellen MacDonald

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