Philly Designer Mah-Jing Wong Takes His Talents To ‘Project Runway’ Talks The Competition and What It Means If He Win

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17 Aug2016
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Mah-Jing Wong is the Creator and Head Designer of his own fashion line with heavy influence in reworking the classic denim look into Japanese anime looks mixed with a pop art influence to create unique pieces to cater to a woman’s figure.

Back in 2013 when the Philly native was a participant in GGB’s ‘Philly’s Phinest’ interview series I mentioned he would be one of those people I would see at the top with his dedication to fashion and perseverance to excel in his career, and I wasn’t wrong. Come this fall you can see Wong and his designs come to life on season 15 of Lifetime’s Project Runway. 

Along with 15 other designers, Wong, 28, will compete in the opportunity of a lifetime to take his brand to the next level under the mentorship of Tim Gunn and helpful critiques of show judges Nina Garcia, Zac Posen, and host Heidi Klum.

Before the competition kicks off next month, I got the chance to chat with Mah-Jing Wong about joining the show, his journey, and what it would mean if he takes home the top prize as Project Runway season 15 winner. Check out the excerpts below.

Photo: Lifetime

Photo: Lifetime

How do you think your designs stand out in the competition?
My understanding of a woman’s body and what look great on almost every body type is a strong strength of mines.

Since you already achieved a high level of success before the show; why was this competition the next step in your career?
The Lord has allowed me to reach a nice amount of success on my own but I want to reach a much bigger audience. I feel that the only way this can done is by entering a competition that is seen around the globe!

What has been the greatest challenge of being on a show of this magnitude?
Being away from my family! I missed my daughter and her mother so much!!!

What was the audition process like and how did you prep for it?
Well I auditioned three times!! Each year I became closer and closer. This year I just filled out the application, sent in my video and next thing I knew the producers called me !!!!

How is the dynamic between your cast mates?
There are a lot characters on the cast. Some may surprise you and some will leave you shocked.

What have you learned on the “Project Runway” journey thus far?
They all are very talented!!

If you win the competition what would it mean for your brand moving forward?
If I win the competition I can finally have the funds and exposure to create a much better team for myself. I feel that is one of the main issues as an indie designer.

CONGRATS Mah-Jing! Glambergirlblog and Philly is rooting for you.

Go inside Mah-Jing Wong’s closet and get a glimpse into his personal style in the clip below. Be sure to catch Mah-Jing and all the designers on season 15 of Project Runway premiering Thursday, September 15th at 9/8 c on Lifetime. #DesignerMahJing

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Photo: Lifetime

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