Sara Crawford of Anara Original Brings Unique Twist To Book Tour With ‘Style Conversation’

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05 Aug2016
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With over 13 years of experience in the fashion industry, Sara A. Crawford- Jones, owner of Anara Original chic sportswear line, is bringing a spin to the industry with a self-published fashion handbook (The Playbook to Essential Style- Learn, Build and Explore Your Style) and a unique twist to the standard book tour with her Style Conversation venture.

A few weeks back, I had the privilege of attending the inaugural Style Conversation in New York alongside some fierce bloggers and fashion gurus to talk the state of the industry, what we learned along the way on our entrepreneurial journey, and more.

Photo: Service Parker of Billz Production

Photo: Shanice Parker of Billz Production

The intimate convo was the ideal setting to discuss and share our woes as women building a career and network among women of different cultures and backgrounds. We broke bread and talked the “little black dress,” a point of discussion that will change at the various Style Conversation stops.

Crawford-Jones plans to bring her Style Conversation tour across the country to not only promote her book, but to hand-pick women in the industry to connect, share ideas, and build together.

Here’s five facts about Sara Crawford-Jones and the Anara Original Brand to get you better familiarized with the brand.

  • Anara, a play off Sara’s first and middle name, Original, was created in 2004 and has been featured in LA Fashion Week, Lucky Magazine, and Teen Vogue.
  • Sara has a B.F.A in Fashion Design and Marketing from the Intentional Academy of Design and Technology and has worked with brands like Tommy Hilfiger and DDC Lab.
  • The The Playbook to Essential Style- Learn, Build and Explore Your Style book was orginally suppose to be an e-book and was written in four months. The hardest part writing the book was structuring an outline and inspiration was sought from June Ambrose, Lauren Conrad, and Rachel Zoe books.
  • Crawford-Jones “believes that her designs should always convey the idea that fashion is “wearable art,” and she sees herself as an expert of “adding” to a look.
  • The playbook reads as conversation with a girlfriend which makes it easy to follow along and digest the information provided.

Keep up with Sara Crawford and her brand on Twitter and Instagram @AnaraOriginal. Also check out her blog Blondie Jones for all your fashion needs. To purchase your copy of The Playbook to Essential Style- Learn, Build and Explore Your Style visit or search the title on Amazon.

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Photo: Shanice Parker of Billz Production

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