#AltonSterling, Another Black Man Killed By Cop – How Do We Go Beyond The Hashtag Commentary

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06 Jul2016
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Another black man is killed by police using excessive force. Another hashtag using the victim’s name is trending on social media. Another moment in time where #BlackLivesMatter is coming to the forefront and people are expressing their anger, sadness, and overall feelings about the tragic epidemic of black men and women being mistreated by police. Another time when I question, how do we go beyond the hashtag?

Alton Sterling was a 37-year-old, father, husband, and another black man slain by police. Sterling was selling bootleg music and movies outside of a convenience store; something he’s done with no problems to the store owner or community for some time. For whatever reason, the cops were called to the scene and then an altercation started between the cops and Sterling. The altercation resulted in Sterling being pinned to the ground and shot six times in the chest and back, killing him.

Naturally this sparked outrage in the community and on social media. Sterling’s name became the number one trending topic with many celebs and others weighing in. It was one comment that really hit me the most.

HOT 97 radio personality Rosenberg loses his cool and voices a real opinion when a caller phones in (6:25 mark in vid below), who happens to be a cop, to speak on the topic. Rosenberg brings up a valid point that there are bad cops, let’s be honest there are. All cops aren’t bad though, but not all are good. Sadly in this age I’m on the cusp that all are bad. I hate to believe that there is a conspiracy among the brothers in blue to kill black people across the country and mask it as them just “doing their job,” but where does the line get drawn.

What needs to happen for stories and topics like this to cease from being the norm. Who does it start with? What can we do? I ask these questions and I’m sure it’s not a simple answer, but people are tired. This isn’t right. This is scary. This is unjust. This is murder. This has to stop.

Watch Rosenberg from HOT 97 perfectly explain I think the general consensus on this frightening dynamic cops have in the video below. Then please sound off in the comments and let me know what you think.

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