Todrick Hall’s ‘Straight Outta Oz’ Gets A Visual Story

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23 Jun2016
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Todrick Hall has done what any great creative would do when you’re faced with a difficult time; take all the confusing energy and put it into your art and wait for the beautiful outcome that will follow.

The overall entertainer is going on tour this summer, starting July 7 in Vancouver and ending August 12 in Philadelphia, to perform his latest, and maybe greatest, YouTube original live in from of his Todderlz aka his fans. Hall premiered a visual album for his “Straight Outta Oz” project all inspired from the difficult year that just passed.

On YouTube, he uploaded the new video with a message about never giving up on your art despite the many obstacles life throws at you. Hall wrote, “This past year has been very rough for me. I left my manager, lost my Mtv show, struggled with the relationship with my mother, dealing with racism and homophobia in the industry and self image was such a struggle.”

He continued, “I put my all into auditioning for NBC’s “The Wiz” and got so close to landing the role of the Scarecrow, but didn’t get it. I want to thank my family, friends and fans for helping me out of this dark place and encouraging me to turn my struggle into art.”

Lastly he wrote about the important of the “Wizard of Oz” and how it affected his art, writing, “The Wonderful Wizard of Oz has always held a special place in my heart, and I have never been more proud of anything I’ve created. Thank you all for standing by me on this crazy yellow brick road we call life. Enjoy “Straight Outta Oz” and I hope to see you all this summer when we perform it live. Tickets are on sale now at and I CANNOT wait to share the story of my life and Oz with you every night.”

In the 50 minute plus visual, Hall with the help of some famous faces and regulars of his YouTube visuals take you down the yellow brick road of his life with original music, cinematic like backdrops, and an outgoing message to follow your passion. The one thing I truly admire about Todrick is his ability to create his own lane and continue to do what he loves no matter what.

Watch Todrick Hall take you “Straight Outta Oz” in the video below and share your thoughts in the comments. Catch Hall on tour this summer with more info available at

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Photo: YouTube

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