‘The Purge: Election Year’ Trailer – More Twisted Than The Two Previous Films

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07 Jun2016
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Did you miss the memo like I almost did? It’s another Purge” movie and it’s coming out really soon.

In “The Purge: Election Year,” the story picks up two years after the second installment of the franchise, “The Purge: Anarchy” (2014), where former Sergeant Barnes (Frank Grillo) has now become head of security for Senator Charlene Roan (Elizabeth Mitchell), a front-runner for President who is determined to end the purge once and for all. For all those who appreciated and participate in the annual commencement, this is not a good thing and the Senator will need to watch her back come purge night.

The premise of the film pretty much remains the same, a night of violence to “release the beast” as a duty as an American, but it’s way more violent this time around which makes it that much more terrifying that people are filled with this much rage.

Do you think since this is the third “Purge” film that the filmmaker is trying to tell us this is the direction America should take? Let me know your thoughts. Watch the trailer for “The Purge: Election Year” below, in theaters June 30 for early release and officially July 1.

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Photo: Universal Pictures

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