Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris Split – Fans Anticipate Greatest Break Up Album

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01 Jun2016
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Misery loves company and when Taylor Swift‘s splits from her current love. That could only mean a new album filled heartbreak anthems for us all to fall in love with. How ironic.

Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris have broken up after dating for a little over a year sources confirm to PEOPLE.

The 26-year-old “Bad Blood” singer and 32-year-old DJ reportedly had “no drama” about the split with sourcing saying, “Things just don’t work out sometimes. No one cheated.”

Back in March the couple went on a tropical baecation to celebrate their one year anniversary, but they couldn’t make it through the rest of the year. In the past year the couple slowly became more transparent about their relationship making public appearances together and sharing their love on social media. Another one bites the dusts for Swift and you know what that means.

By now, Swift has gained a reputation for being the female Drake who puts all her emotions directly in her music. With prior relationships Swift revealed which songs were about her “long list of ex-lovers,” so can we expect this time to be no different? Fans sure are hoping so and the memes don’t lie.

Photo: Bustle

Photo: Bustle

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Photo: Instagram

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