Kimberley Zulkowski and The ‘Grandma’s House’ Cast Promote The Film At The House of Macau

Photo: Steven Starr
19 May2016
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Filmmaker Kimberley Zulkowski and the cast of her latest project “Grandma’s House” recently made a guest appearance in California to further promote the film, it was released in late April.

On Friday, May 6, Zulkowski along with “Grandma’s House” cast members: Alex Thomas, Coco Jones, and Loretta Devine appeared at The House of Macau in Hollywood to talk about the film and their experience shooting it. Actress Yolanda Ross was also at the event to help Zulkowski reveal her next film project, “Color Blind,” which Ross will star in.

 Photo: Steven Starr

Photo: Steven Starr

“Grandma’s House” is based on the true story of  Kimberley T. Zulkowski’s Grandmother, Margie Ree Harris and follows the story of the influence Margie had on the life of Zulkowski when she moved in with her. It’s a film focusing on faith, passion, and family. “It is time to fill the hearts of abused and neglected children with hope. It is time to give them courage to overcome the abuse they have suffered,”Zulkowski said about the film.

She continued, “It is also time to recognize the true heroes in their lives, grandparents, foster parents, and those who have selflessly taken us into their homes and into their hearts. ‘Grandma’s House’ is a representation of what a loving caretaker looks like.” 

Watch the trailer for “Grandma’s House,” in select AMC theaters, below and share your thoughts in the comments.

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Photo: Steven Starr

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