Kanye West Smiles When No One Is Looking + Reveals More Personal Details About Himself on ‘Ellen’

Photo: EllenTube
19 May2016
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Kanye West‘s latest stop by The Ellen Show not only gave us a new rant to dissect and cute stories about his kids with Kim Kardashian West, but it gave viewers the chance to know what really goes on in Kanye’s mind when 5 seconds is on the clock.

In a game called ‘5 Second Rule,’ Ellen DeGeneres and Kanye West had to say the first thing that came to their minds in 5 seconds when DJ/Emcee for the show Twitch asked a question. Some of the questions asked were: 3 things you shave or wax, 3 things that are hairy, 3 ways to surprise your spouse, 3 things that get you in trouble with your spouse, 3 things you do when no one else is looking, and more.

Watch Kanye West play ‘5 Second Rule’ on The Ellen Show below and share your thoughts in the comments.

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Photo: EllenTube

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