Delilah & Company Hosts ‘VIBEWITHUS’ Event To Promote Brand and Positivity

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16 May2016
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Occupying your mindset is the tag line that goes along with digital content and events agency Delilah & Company. Based in Philadelphia under the direction of Delilah Dee, the brand is all about promoting and pushing positive messages from entertainers to the public. D & C takes all the things we love about pop culture and entertainment and uses a spin of uplifting and inspiring news that gives the brand a unique niche.

Over the weekend, Saturday May 14, Delilah & Company had its first ever event, #VIBEWITHUS, that brought together innovators in Philadelphia to “vibe” with D & C, network, and leave with a better understanding of how your thoughts affect your future and how much power you have in the outcome of your goals.

The event combined an eclectic blend of art and music with live art painting done by IAmArtLife, performances by singer/songwriter Tina and Strive Initiative, and DJ HBK keeping the mood of the event in high spirits. The big night for Delilah and her team also granted a scholarship to a graduating senior in the city of Brotherly Love and gained $500 to gift for a future scholarship. The #VIBEWITHUS event received some much positive outcome that another one is already in the works for July.

One thing I really love about Delilah and her brand is that she exudes positivity like I’ve never seen before and is really a brand for the dreamers. D & C posts content on their site about the importance of a team, believing in yourself, why you should chase your dreams, along with the positive impact your fav celebs are making on their communities. It’s a site you should visit often to get that spark you need to jump start your career.

Check out some photos from the #VIBEWITHUS event in the gallery below. Be sure to follow Delilah & Company @DelilahandCo on social media to keep up with the brand and any future events they will have.

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Photo: Delilah & Company via Instagram

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