Drake Has Beef With The SNL Cast In The BEST Sketch Of The Night

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15 May2016
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If you missed the memo, rapper Drake was the host and musical guest for the May 14th show of Saturday Night Live

Drake did such an amazing job when he hosted back in 2014 so fans had high hopes he would deliver again. Unfortunately we were all let down and were left with sketches that barely got me to crack a smile. It was like “The Twilight Saga: New Moon,” good in the beginning, boring in the middle so you could take a bathroom break, and then it picked back up in the end.

Out of the opening monologue, the musical performances, and the ending of Weekend Update, the BEST sketch of the night was “Drake’s Beef,” a spin on the beef Drake had with fellow rapper Meek Mill.

In the clip, Drake was walking around the SNL studios interacting with several members of the cast i.e. Pete Davidson, Leslie Jones, Aidy Bryant, and even series creator Lorne Michaels. The SNL personalities would disrespect or embarrass Drake and then he would bust out into a rap dissing them in his mind. It was perfect and pretty much the only clip that saved the show.

Watch “Drake’s Beef” from Saturday Night Live below and share your thoughts in the comments.

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Photo: NBC

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