New ‘The Shallows’ Trailer Brings Fear Of Sharks Back To Shore

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04 May2016
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If “Jaws” didn’t instill a fear of sharks in you then allow “The Shallows” to put it deep in your heart. This film is another reminder that you should stay out of the unknown, deep waters. You never know what may be lurking.

Blake Lively stars as Nancy in “The Shallows” who gets attacked by a great white shark while out surfing. She ends of getting stranded less than 200 miles to shore, but of course is having some trouble reaching it with the shark lurking. I feel like “The Shallows” is basically “Open Water” meets “Jaws.” You have this girl with seemingly no options for survival trying to outsmart a shark. I sure do love Blake Lively, my Virgo sister, but this one might have to wait until Netflix.

“The Shallows” will be in theaters June 29, 2016. Watch the trailer below and share your thoughts in the comments.

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Photo: Columbia

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