Why I’m Saying ‘YES’ For The Month of May

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01 May2016
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Happy May everyone!

Can you believe it’s the fifth month of the year already! The year seems to be flying by and before you know it we’ll be decking the halls and ringing in 2017. Before I jump the gun, let’s take advantage of the moments we have right now and let me tell you why I’m saying ‘Yes’ all month.

My loyal GGB readers know that I recently celebrated five years of my site and while it’s been an exciting journey discovering my ultimate career goals, evolving my writing voice, and growing my brand; it’s been just as challenging striving to keep going, ignore the outside noise, and self-doubt I have in myself.

Running a blog, for the most part by myself, isn’t an easy thing. Either my personal life is on pause trying to keep up with the fast pace of pop culture or if I attempt to have a life, as a young, unattached, lady, my blog sits stagnant until I get the motivation to write again. It’s been a slippery slope to maintain both, so now I decided to a personal challenge that I wanted to share with you all in an attempt to enhance both aspects of my life: personal and business. You may want to attempt it too.

For the month of May I decided to do a little challenge and say ‘YES.’ Yes to everything. Of course this is no Einstein moment. I got the idea from the 2008 Jim Carrey film “Yes Man” and the series finale episode of the Nickelodeon series Victorious, “Victori-Yes.”

I want to open my universe to all the missed opportunities and blessings that are waiting for me to claim them. I’ve probably missed out on a bunch of things that could have steered me in my ideal direction by saying no, so guess what, I’m say

GIF: Nickelodeon

GIF: Nickelodeon

Now don’t get too crazy, I’m not saying yes to things that could harm me, but things that I brush aside simply because I’ve been too lazy or too scared to try. This month they get a yes. Maybe this positive outlook with bleed throughout the rest of the year, but for now I’m challenging myself and YOU to say YES for the month of May.

I’ll be sure to check back in and share my progress throughout May. Possibly every Sunday. I’m so excited to see where this challenge takes me and I wish all of you nothing but blessings and major keys all month.

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Photo: Warner Bros.

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