Ryan Gosling Comes To Terms With Pop Culture Phrase “Hey Girl”

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26 Apr2016
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Ryan Gosling is no stranger to memes. Remember Ryan won’t eat his cereal, but the greatest meme, or catch phrase, attached to his name without a doubt is “Hey Girl.”

The root of Gosling and the “Hey Girl” phrase is still unclear, but one thing is for certain, he never said it. Ryan Gosling never said “Hey Girl,” what a revelation. “Hey Girl” has been linked to the Gos in a series of memes that place the Canadian actor in photos where he says cheesy, romantic lines after the tagline “Hey Girl.”

In promotion for Gosling’s upcoming film “The Nice Guys,” where he stars as a private investigator alongside Russell Crowe, the co-stars partake in couples therapy. In one session, Ryan Gosling comes to terms with the “Hey Girl” phrase and how that upped his popularity with the ladies, not like it was ever fading or anything. He’s had enough and it’s pretty awesome.

Watch Ryan Gosling come to terms with the phrase attached to his name in the clip below, along with a funny clip about the generated meme with my Josh Horowitz from MTV News. Share your thoughts in the comments.

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Photo: YouTube

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