‘The Girl on the Train’ Trailer Features Deception and Hypnotizing Kanye West Music

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20 Apr2016
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Emily Blunt stars as Rachel Watson in the “The Girl on the Train,” a film adapted from Paula Hawkins’ debut novel of the same name that was Amazon’s top-selling novel on 2015.

The plot follows Blunt’s character Watson moving on from a divorce. She travels daily to “work” in London via train, hence the title, and passes the former home she shared with her husband, which is now occupied by her ex, his new wife and child. To distract her mind from the painful sting, Rachel fixates on a couple a few houses down – Megan and Scott Hipwell (Haley Bennett and Luke Evans).

One train ride, Rachel sees something disturbing, then wakes up the next day covered in bruises, nursing a hangover with no recollection of what happened the day prior. And this is when all the juicy stuff starts happening.

This trailer is for sure giving “Gone Girl” vibes, but with a train and reminds me of a book I read as a young girl, The Lost Mind by Christopher Pike. Kanye West’s “Heartless” plays in the background of the trailer, but it’s a version that you would find on a Jade West playlist. I’m into it. Clearly, everything we’re seeing isn’t suppose to add up and if you read the book there will be no surprises.

Rebecca Ferguson, Justin Theroux, Edgar Ramirez, Allison Janney, and Lisa Kudrow all are featured in the mysterious film.

“The Girl on the Train” will be in theaters October 7, 2016. Watch the trailer below and share your thoughts in the comments.

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Photo: Universal Pictures

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