Taylor Swift Falls Off Treadmill Listening To Drake and Future’s ‘Jumpman’

Photo: YouTube/Beat 1 Radio
04 Apr2016
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Taylor Swift takes on a treadmill and loses in a new ad for Beats 1 Radio.

In the new ad commercial for Beats 1 Music, Taylor Swift is gearing up for a run on the treadmill. After saying how much she hates cardio, she skips through the features in Beats 1 Radio, formerly Apple music, to find the perfect song to run to. She decides on “Jumpman” by Drake & Future. She gets in the flow and raps along to lyrics while running, then falls flat on her face and slides off the treadmill, but she continued to rap. The tagline for the commercial “distractingly good” follows. It’s quite hilarious.

Watch Taylor Swift take on a treadmill in the Beats 1 Radio ad below and share your thoughts in the comments.

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Photo: YouTube/Beats 1 Radio

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